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Land for Sale KES450,000 1/8th - Land

Naivasha Grand view property is located 10KMs from Naivasha town on the scenic Mai Mahiu road. To access the property, one uses an all weather murram road for 900 Mtrs neighboring Oasis School. Naivasha Grand view is only a 3 minutes drive from Moi South lake road. With resorts like Enashipai resort and spa, Sweet lake, and Sawela Lodge within the vicinity of your majestic Land; Naivasha Grand view estate offers you the perfect escape from the typical city life.

There are various tourist attractions which can be easily accessed from our property, as its 10 minutes from Naivasha Town. One can go to Hell’s Gate for a hike, bird watching, bike riding and also rock climbing. There is Lake Oloidien where there are boat rides to see flamingos, and hippos.

Enjoy tranquil residence; welcome to Naivasha Grand view estate! This property is ideal for holiday homes, Getaway camping sites and speculation.

PRICE: 1/8TH ACRE    Ksh. 450,000  

: 1/4TH ACRE    Ksh. 850,000

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